Thursday, March 6, 2008


DID YOU KNOW that the term 'Jeprox' was coined by the late Anak Bayan drummer and Pinoy Rock icon Edmond Fortuno? 'Jeprox' was a term used in the 1970's to describe male rockers who sported long hair and lived the rock n' roll lifestyle. It actually started as a shortened version of the phrase, "Jeepney Rock", which in itself described the classic and hard rock music that was being played inside local jeepneys at the time.


Mike Hanopol would later immortalize the term 'Jeprox' is his mega-hit "Laki Sa Layaw" in the late 70's. But it was the inventive mind of Edmond Fortuno who came up with the word which is now a part of Pinoy slang.

**It was also Fortuno's idea to write Tagalog lyrics with rock music which eventually evolved into Pinoy Rock. Pinoy rock bands of the late 60's and early 70's were only doing covers of foreign acts at the time and hadn't written any original material yet.